Good is the New Cool:
the Principles of Purpose

This breakthrough book from Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones delivers the first detailed road map for corporate leaders wishing to unleash the power of purpose to achieve inspired innovation, engaged employees, and new frontiers for growth.

“Purpose is the growth story of the 21st Century. For any organization wanting to reap the rewards of this new triple bottom line, this book shows them how.”

— Paul Polman
former CEO, Unilever Co-Founder, Chair, IMAGINE

“I find 95% of what is written about purpose in business to be total and utter bullshit. This is the other 5%”

— Mark Ritson
Mini MBA Marketing Professor

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These additional materials will help you get the most out of the book by putting ideas to practice. Use them together with Good is The New Cool: The Principles of Purpose to persuade all stakeholders in your organization that purpose drives growth and then work with your team to discover and formulate an impactful purpose statement.

10 Things The Book Will Teach You

Learn How To...

1. Win over conscious consumers who want to buy from brands who give a damn

2. Attract and retain employees who want meaning and PURPOSE in their work

3. Excite investors who want to make money while positively impacting people and planet

4. Create a great PURPOSE statement for your organization

5. Build PURPOSE in your organization inside out

6. Choose your PURPOSE swords and shields

7. Engage in PURPOSE without being political

8. Measure the ROI of PURPOSE

9. Unleash the PURPOSE Flywheel to inspire innovation motivation and growth

10. Future proof your company for the next two generations of Millennials and Gen-Z

Praise for Good is The New Cool: The Principles of Purpose

“The Principles of Purpose is a must read for every board member who wants to understand the most disruptive force in business today – and unlock the huge strategic advantage that delivers long-term growth for the companies they advise.”

— Rob Perez
Operating Partner, General Atlantic, Founder and Chairman, Life Science Cares

“Aziz and Jones masterfully show that in this new values-driven era we are all creating together, purpose is driving business success even higher.”


— Kirk Souder
Co-Founder, Enso Social Impact

“As purpose becomes a business imperative, this seminal book is mandatory reading for all agency leaders, who are determined to help their clients create growth, innovation and authentic 21st Century value.”

— Denise Roberson
Chief Purpose Officer, TBWA

“As the world rightly moves to stakeholder capitalism, how companies lead, market, and transform their culture will require a reexamining of purpose. Good is The New Cool: The Principles of Purpose should be their handbook.”

— Eve Rodsky
Author ‘FairPlay’

“As we begin to enter the golden age in which brands unlock the tremendous potential of technology to do good, VC’s and founders alike should treat this book as their indispensable guide to creating disruptive businesses with integrity and soul.”

— David Jones
Founder, You and Mr Jones,
Co-Founder, One Young World

“Not just ‘must read’ but ‘must do’ – this book is a Masterclass on how every modern company should operate with purpose.”


— Paul Woolmington
CEO, Canvas Worldwide

Get Your Copy of Good is The New Cool: The Principles of Purpose

More About the Book

Good is the New Cool: Principles of Purpose answers the most critical questions facing CEOs today. What is Purpose? How do you discover it? How can legacy companies reverse-engineer it into their DNA in an authentic and meaningful way? And how can leaders harness its power to create compelling products and services for a new generation of socially-conscious consumers that attract the best employee talent who want to do meaningful work?

In this ground-breaking book, Bobby Jones and Afdhel Aziz share nine revolutionary principles based on their deep experience as co-founders of the world’s most inspiring purpose consultancy Conspiracy of Love (with Fortune 500 clients like Adidas, Red Bull, Oreo, and Microsoft). Good is the New Cool: Principles of Purpose is the essential handbook for corporate leaders wishing to unleash the power of ‘The Purpose Flywheel’: creating inspired innovation, engaged employees, and new frontiers for growth.

About the authors

Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones are two of the most inspiring leaders in the movement for business as a force for good. Their best-selling book Good Is the New Cool: Market Like You Give A Damn was hailed as a groundbreaking manifesto for a new era of socially conscious brands. The book has grown into a global community of thousands of leaders in business and culture, with conferences, podcasts, and upcoming TV shows. Their purpose consultancy Conspiracy of Love, a certified B Corp, advises iconic brands worldwide like Adidas, Red Bull, Oreo, and Microsoft and Fortune 500 companies like Unilever, Mars, Mondelēz, Diageo, and AB InBev.


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