The Solutionaries

‘The Solutionaries’ is a thought-provoking, hope-sparking, goose-bumping series following 8 revolutionary, game-changing entrepreneurs as they as they attempt to solve the world’s biggest issues using business and culture as forces for good.

Against a backdrop of despair, we are witnessing a new wave of inspiring innovators emerge to boldly take on the inhumane, unsustainable, and unjust systems threatening people and the planet.

We call them The Solutionaries.

They are the game-changers, focused on creating revolutionary solutions to systemic problems. They are our modern-day heroes, attempting to solve to world’s most urgent issues with guts, ingenuity, compassion, and love.

Each episode will delve deep into their unique stories, from their challenges and tragedies, to their breakthroughs and triumphs. Filmed in a unique visual style that is upbeat, optimistic, joyous and visually enticing – looking at ‘good’ through the lens of ‘cool’ for the first time.
As our protagonists transform the world for the better, we’ll learn from their journeys of inspiration and innovation, as they tackle some of the biggest problems on the planet: from saving the oceans from plastic waste using the power of fashion, to solving the global food crisis using NASA technology, from building affordable houses that unfold in minutes to electric vehicles that are biodegradeable and endlessly upgradeable.

More than a passive TV show, ‘The Solutionaries’ invites viewers to go beyond the screen:

  • Support the work of the Solutionaries by buying their products
  • Learn more about the issue they are tackling in a fun and informative way
  • Share their story wider to help advance awareness

Cyrill gutsch, parley for the oceans

Meet Cyrill Gutsch, the CEO and Founder of the Parley for the Oceans.

Julia Collins, planet fwd

Meet Julia Collins, the CEO and Co-founder of Planet FWD.

Greg Constantine, Air Company

Meet Gregory Constantine, the CEO and Co-founder of Air Company.

taras kravtchouk, tarform

Meet Taras Kravtchouk, Founder, CEO and Designer at Tarform.


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