Solutionaries: Tarform and The Future of Electric Motorbikes

Tarform Motorcycles is an automotive startup with a mission to set a new standard for sustainable two wheeled transportation. Join founder Taras Kravtchouk as he explains the design philosophy behind the company – and what he believes is the potential to help humanity move away from fossil-fuel powered transport.

Taras Kravtchouk

Founder, Tarform

Tarform Motorcycles is a zero-emission automotive startup with a mission to set a new standard for two wheeled transportation. The New York Times said ‘What Tesla has done to bring zero-emissions transportation into the mainstream, Tarform hopes to do for zero waste, building electric motorcycles that are recyclable and made from natural materials that can biodegrade.’

Taras is an award winning multidisciplinary designer, technologist and inventor. With over 15 years of experience, Taras has worked with Google, T-Mobile, Spotify. His work has been featured in the Petersen Automotive Museum and Queensland Museum of Modern Art.

Taras has founded two technology companies, a brand agency, a creative maker space and built custom motorcycles before he founded Tarform.

At the heart of the Tarform brand there are three core principles – Beauty, Ecology and Technology. Their vision is to rethink what mobility means and how we move, to make vehicles that last and not built to be discarded. Beauty, sustainability and a meaningful experience is at the heart of every vehicle Tarform creates.


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