How Naadam is Creating a Cashmere Revolution for Sustainable Luxury

Naadam Co-Founder Matt Scanlan joins us to share the incredible story of how getting lost in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia led him to create a sustainable luxury cashmere brand that gives back to the herders who make it.

Matthew Scanlan

CEO & Co-Founder, Naadam Inc.

Matt Scanlan is the CEO and co-founder of NAADAM Inc., a holding company of next-gen DTC brands including Something Navy,,, Package Free Shop, and Ivory Ella.  

NAADAM is responsibly sources & produces sustainable, luxury knitwear while preserving the nomadic lifestyle in Mongolia

With a background in growth equity, Matt launched NAADAM in 2015 with Co-founder Diederik Rijsemus, together they built a global omni-channel consumer brand focused on using sustainability to unlock accessible luxury. 

After building a bona fide sustainability movement with NAADAM, Matt decided to apply his expertise in the acquisition of four additional brands that, along with NAADAM, Matt believes represent the future of consumerism. 

In 2017, Matt launched Magic Hour Ventures with General Partner Jake Sargent to invest and support early stage consumer brands disrupting the sustainable consumer space.


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