How Miles4Migrants Is Helping Families Unite With Your Airmiles

Andy Freedman of Miles4Migrants joins us to share more on how this inspiring non profit is helping use the power of everyone’s airline miles to reunite immigrant and refugee families – and how brands can get involved.

Andy Freedman

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Miles4Migrants

Andy Freedman is the co-founder and managing director of Miles4Migrants, a non-profit dedicated to using donated frequent flyer miles to help people impacted by war, persecution, or disaster start a new beginning in a new home. 

Since forming in late 2016, Miles4Migrants has flown over 4,500 individuals, using over 75 million donated miles in partnership with a global network of NGO partners including UNHCR, IRC, and Catholic Charities. 

Andy also serves as Vice President of Marketing at Assured Allies, a technology company helping to make successful aging possible. Over his career Andy has held marketing and strategy management roles at several technology startups and global companies, including General Mills, Visa, LevelUp, and Riskified. Andy lives outside Boston, MA with his wife, Emily, and two children Nora and Grant.


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