How Jason Mayden encourages both parents and children alike, the importance of play

“If you can play together, you can learn together” a phrase regularly used by Jason Mayden, Nike shoe designer, entrepreneur and kid at heart. In this episode Jason catches up with Bobby Jones on how he came to create Super Heroic, a business aimed at encouraging both parents and children alike, the importance of play.

We believe that business and culture can be forces of good. But creators and entrepreneurs alike are still struggling to find the right model that allows them to impact real social change. In this series, Bobby Jones and Afdhel Aziz sit down with an extraordinary lineup of luminaries from the worlds of fashion, film, art, music and activism, who all believe in using business and culture as forces for good.

In each episode, you’ll learn how bold creative actions can change the world for the better through interviews with the trailblazers who are doing it every day. Recorded in the inviting Soho House in 2018, this podcast series delves into many unique stories and the one thing they all have in common – the desire and the courage to transform our world for the better.


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