Good-Loop and Nestle talk how brands can use their ad dollars for good

Amy Williams, Founder of Good-Loop. Good-Loop, the world’s leading ethical advertising platform, uses online ad money to support charities and amazing causes worldwide (which has led them to raise a staggering 2 million dollars already!). Recognized as one of Ad Age’s 2020 Women to Watch, Amy will join us to give an interactive Masterclass with Steve Pollack of Nestle UK in how brands can use their ad dollars for good.

Amy Williams

Founder, Good-Loop

Amy is on a mission to convert people’s attention and data into funding for good causes around the world. She co-founded Good-Loop in 2016 after turning her hand from advertising at Ogilvy to volunteering at a soup-kitchen in Argentina. Today working with the likes of Nestlé, Unilever, the Co-Op, Coca-Cola and H&M, Amy’s ‘ethical ad platform’ rewards consumers who choose to engage with advertising by donating to their chosen charity, whilst delivering better ROI for advertisers. It’s Yin Yang; a win-win. Amy is one of Forbes Europe’s 30 under 30, Ad Age’s 2020 Women to Watch Europe, listed as part of the BIMA 100 and a face of the United Nations #SheInnovates global campaign.

Steve Pollack

Head of Media Communications Nestle UK&I, Nestle UK

Steve has been at Nestlé UK for almost 9 years and in the media business for far longer.  In his current role as Head of Media Communications for NUK & I. Steve, and his team, are lucky enough to be working with some of the most iconic brands in the UK, including Kit Kat, Nescafe, Aero and many others.

Nestlé recently published its Zero Carbon roadmap and Steve strongly believes that media can play a big part in this effort.  How can we make our ad production carbon neutral?  How can we pivot our ad budgets to be greener?  How can we use our budget and influence to be a force for good?  These are all self-set challenges that Steve and his team are working on.

Steve has lectured on Marketing Communications for the IoM and has a BA in PPE. He plans to study Business Sustainability Management at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership this year.


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